Virtual Office

All your administrative work can be outsourced to us.

  • Telephone answering

  • Mail handling

  • Data crunching

  • typing

  • Invoices

  • Order forms

  • Credit control

  • debt management

  • Tax & VAT returns

  • Bookkeeping

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Business essentials myth

  1. A business needs Offices, units
  2. A business needs to be a company
  3. A business needs Receptionist / Secretary
  4. A business needs accountants
  5. A business needs a large advertising budget
  6. A business needs administrative staff


The above statements are not entirely true.


  1. A new business can be run from home or a virtual office.
  2. A new business sole trader or partnership does not initially need to be limited.
  3. A new business cannot afford the salary of a professional receptionist / secretary. Cheap virtual receptionist and typist can be used
  4. A new business’ books can be done by the owner, a family member, a friend.
  5. A new business can use social media, internet directories, email advertising and other free or cheap methods.
  6. A new business does not need a backroom office. Outsourcing would be cheap and efficient.

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In today's economic crisis business owners need to work harder to just survive. As we frequently hear from small business owners there are not enough hours in a day to do everything that should be done to run a successful business. Times are hard, belts have to be tightened and, sadly, some owners and directors feel the need to dismiss some or all of their employees. In most cases the core employees such as labourers, machine workers, sales persons etc, cannot be made redundant but most office workers such as secretaries, receptionists, cleaners etc, are expendable. Most small business owners and business start-ups need a helping hand, from Honest, low cost professional and experienced organizations.

Our motto is your satisfaction, after all our reputation depends on it