UK Telephone Numbers

Landline Numbers

Landlines with any area code that you require. i.e. if you live in Manchester and need an 0207 London number or an 0121 Birmingham number. The number can be diverted to your landline wherever you are and even if you change to a new location.

0845 Local Numbers

Calls to an 0845 number are charged at the same rate as  local calls from anywhere in the UK hence encouraging clients / customers to call. An 0845 number can also be diverted to your landline wherever you are. Since 0845 numbers are not geographically assigned a business can be conducted from anywhere in the UK without revealing your location, which is helpful if you advertise nationally.

Landline on Mobile

Any of the above numbers can be used on your mobile phone by installing our app (Requires a mobile phone with Windows, Android operating system or an iphone).

If you do not have a phone with the above specifications the number can still be diverted to your mobile phone.

Click here for outgoing call rates if dialled on your phone