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Price List

How to sign up and pay online: In this price list click on shopping cart next to the services you require. At 'login / registration page', LOG IN (register first if you are not registered). At 'shopping cart page' choose the services you require, when finished click 'view cart' and pay by Credit / Debit card on secure PayPal site (you are not required to have a PayPal account). After paying for your services please contact us by Email, Live Help*, Enquiry Form or Telephone* with your instructions for telephone answering, web / logo design or any other services. Your instructions are important and we prefer personal contact rather than giving you a generic instructions form to fill.

Alternatively you may call us regarding the  services you require, sign up and pay by credit / debit card on the telephone

* Preferred method to record your instructions, ie, how you would like your telephone to be answered etc.

Contract Telephone system prices

Receive and make cheap UK and International calls



UK 0845 or Geographic numbers One free number
One additional UK Number 2.99 / month
Block of thee UK Numbers 8.99 / month
Block of ten UK Numbers 13.99 / month
Setting up fee for UK numbers 0.00
Additional international number setup fee 17.50
Additional international number monthly charge 17.50 / month, each
Cost of service 19.99 / month
Retainer 50
Setting up fee for the service 0.00
Setting up fee for international numbers 17.50
Monthly charge for international numbers 17.50 / month
Virtual Receptionist 7.50  / month
Limitations of use No limits



Call charges for PAYG virtual receptionist.

Calls forwarded to landlines and mobiles are charged per minute. Calls answered by virtual receptionist and a voicemail sent to your email are free. A 20 retainer is required to cover the call charges. Free setting up includes a none-geographic telephone number. The credit purchased will last 3 months or until it is used whichever comes first. Please see the following table of charges.

Pay As You Go No contract No monthly charge

No Monthly Charge

No Set up Fee

  20 Credit


50 Credit


100 Credit

1000 calls

Monthly service charge   Free Free Free
24 hour receptionist   Free Free Free
0845 or local number   Free Free Free
Messages by email   Free Free Free
Message retrieved by you   Free Free Free
Messages by text / message   30p 30p 30p
Messages by phone / message   80p 80p 80p
Calls transferred to landline / minute   7p 7p 7p
Calls transferred to mobile / minute   30p 30p 30p

Please use the shopping cart to pay online

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Our services are scalable, Please call us if the above is not suitable for you, we will try our best to provide you with an excellent service that fits your image and requirements.

Web Design charges

Our standard website designs are the most cost effective and popular web designs. We do not sell templates and expect the clients to configure them. A standard website is designed according to client's instructions, although simple but aesthetically beautiful with text, images and some interactivity functions, perfect for a small business or a start-up.

What is included in the price of a standard website

  • Five pages. However extra pages at 10 / page can be added

  • Free domain of your choice for two years then 10 every two years

  • Free logo

  • Free contents upload

Standard five page website 99
Extra Pages for standard website 10
Bespoke website POA
Please call or email



Web Hosting (Green hosting from environmentally clean power)

your website will be hosted on our servers and looked after by experienced engineers. With an up time of 99.9% you can rest assured that your customers / clients will always be able to visit your website 24 hours a day 365 days a year and perhaps purchase or order even on the weekends and public holidays.

What is included in the price:

  • 10 email addresses

  • Unlimited band width

  • Visitor counter

Standard web hosting paid quarterly 7 / month
Standard web hosting paid six monthly 6 / month
Standard web hosting paid annually 4.99/month
Setting up charge Free
Please call or email


Website Management

We manage your websites contents by regularly updating and modifying the web pages. If your stock changes regularly or occasionally, for instance if you sell cars, and images, descriptions, prices need to be updated.

There is a maximum limit of 1GB per upload. Larger or more frequent uploads can be accommodated but since they are beyond the scope of this price list, you will have to call us with your requirements.

website management (II) two uploads per month 10 / month
website management (IIII) 4 uploads per month 15 / month
Setting up charge Free
Website management fees are payable six monthly  
Please call or email


Mail Handling

We will provide you with a prestigious address or a PO Box that you can print on your stationary. The incoming mail is posted on daily or weekly basis, emailed, faxed, sent by text or read on the phone.

Professional address 20 / month
PO Box 20 / month
Mail posted on daily basis Postage+1
Mail posted on weekly basis Postage+10%
Mail by email 50p / page
Mail by fax 60p /page
Mail by text 1/page+50p
Read on the phone 3 / call
Setting up charge Free
Retainer 20
Mail shots per 100 DL envelopes 50+postage
Mail shots per 1000 DL envelopes 400+postage

Please call or email


Data Handling

Prices for spreadsheets, databases and other data crunching are assessed on the individual needs and requirements.

Spreadsheets 15 / hour
Database entry 15 / hour
Mailing list 15 / hour


Your documents, letters etc will be professionally typed.

Letters A4 size 1 / sheet
Dissertation, Essay A4 size 90p / page
Tables, technical data 1.50 / page
Curriculum Vitae 1 / page then 50p / copy

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing is a very complicated science and the strategy should be uniquely designed for every business.

Following are the rates for various methods of marketing goods or services.

Analysis 25 / hour
Advertising on TV Radio POA
Advertising in Newspaper, Magazine POA
Direct marketing by letter. Per 1000 DL envelopes 400+postage
Direct marketing by leaflets. Per 1000 250
Direct marketing by email. Per 1000 emails 100
Direct marketing by text. Per 1000 texts 200
Telemarketing. Per 1000 calls From 500
Mailing lists. Consumer per 1000 addresses From 100
Mailing lists. Companies per 1000 addresses From 90
Email lists. Company emails per 1000 From 150
Telephone numbers. Per 1000 numbers From !00

Dedicated Telephone Systems & None-geographic 0845 numbers

Dedicated VOIP PBX telephone system can be installed on our fast servers. Extension telephone sets can be placed in any of your offices regardless of their geographic position.

Telephone system on our servers. Installation costs Free
Telephone extensions. 3 Free extensions then 10 / exten
Telephone handsets. VOIP 40 each
Monthly line charge 15 / first line
Monthly charge for second line 10
0845, 0844 numbers 2 / year

Logo Design

Our website and stationary logos are designed with your customers / clients in mind so that they do not only attract their attention  but make a statement about your business and credibility.

Standard design for website and stationary 20
Unusual design requirements 15 / hour

Please call or email


Accountancy & VAT

Bookkeeping 8/ hour
VAT returns 25 / quarter
Tax returns 50
Limited company registration 50
VAT registration 25
Audited accounts POA


Employee Tax NIC calculations. monthly. Per employee 10 / month
Employee Tax NIC calculations Weekly. Per employee 5 / week
Employer Tax NIC calculations. Up to 5 employees 25
Employee salary payment** 2% of pay
** Retainer required.  

Credit Control

Credit check 25
Invoices & Purchasing orders by post 2 / invoice
Invoices & Purchasing orders by fax 1.25 / invoice
Invoices & Purchasing orders by email 1 / email
Debt recovery 10% of debt***
Negotiating with Creditors 2% of debt****
*** Minimum cost for debt recovery 5
**** Or 25% of the written-off amount whichever is greater  

For services without shopping cart link please  call , use  live help , send an  email  or fill our  enquiry  form on this website.

Please call or email if you require a service that is not listed