Pay As You Go Telephone Answering

You will be given your own telephone number to put on your stationary and give to your clients. The telephone numbers we provide are 0845 numbers or area code numbers (020, 0121, etc.). We can also provide international numbers with our contract hosted system


Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist will answer the call with the name of your company and in accordance with your instructions. The call is then forwarded to your phone wherever you are or a voicemail is recorded and forwarded to your email address. Alternatively the message is sent to you in a text.



Pay As You Go No contract No monthly charge

No Monthly Charge

No Setting up Fee

  20 Credit


50 Credit


100 Credit

1000 calls

Monthly service charge   Free Free Free
24 hour receptionist   Free Free Free
0845 or local number   Free Free Free
Messages by email   Free Free Free
Message retrieved by you   Free Free Free
Messages by text / message   30p 30p 30p
Messages by phone / message   80p 80p 80p
Calls transferred to landline / minute   7p 7p 7p
Calls transferred to mobile / minute   30p 30p 30p
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