Pay as you go

No hidden extras just pay as you require. A free 0845 or a local area-code telephone number will be registered for you and listed in the telephone directory. There are no complicated tariffs. Just a flat rate for everyone. Simplicity  is our motto.

Virtual Receptionist

Our virtual receptionist will answer the calls in the name of your company and transfer them to the right person in your organisation wherever in the world he/she may be, If the call is not answered a txt message or  voicemail will be sent to the person's email address.

First impressions build or destroy credibility

Customers buy from those they trust and that trust is largely dependent on the way the business is presented to them. A sophisticated Telephone system, that is answered professionally, creates a great first impression but such system comes with a large price tag which is neither affordable nor advisable for most start-ups. However all is not lost since   we say forget fixed costs our system can grow with you when times are good and scale back in hard-times. our  virtual office is inexpensive and not only creates that indispensible great first impression but also prevents missed calls that could possibly be converted to sales.

BizBase is a one stop shop for Start-ups and SMEs