Do you need an accountant?

You don't have to use an accountant, even if you're a limited company, although limited company accounts have very specific requirements and can be complicated.  If your turnover is over a certain amount you will need an official Audit by a qualified Auditor.  Our accountancy service will give you peace of mind knowing your tax returns have been completed properly and that you have rightfully claimed tax allowance for as many of your costs as possible. 

But did you know we can do much more than just fill in your tax return?  We make sure you get the very best information and advice for your business.


What we can do for your business?

Provide pre-start-up business advice

You can speak to us at any time regarding financial or business planning. However you may find it particularly useful to consult us before you start as we can provide guidance on the best structure for your business (sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership, limited company) as well as any legal and tax issues you need to consider.

Give advice on raising finance

The way you finance your business has an important effect on profitability. We can advise you on such things as whether new capital equipment should be leased or purchased, whether cash for your business should be raised by issuing more share capital, taking out a loan or increasing your overdraft, and how to invest any spare cash, either temporarily or more long term.

Give advice on running and managing a business

An external, independent, professionally qualified, and impartial view of your business can be a great help, especially if youíre a sole trader and donít have any colleagues to discuss plans or bounce ideas off. We can help you with translating ideas into plans and can help you with profit forecasts, break even analysis and cash flow forecasting, and with setting systems in place to monitor business performance.

Look after the finances and tax

Good record keeping is an essential requirement for monitoring the financial health of your business. We can suggest the most practical way for you to keep your businessí financial records in order. It is often not necessary to invest in expensive computer software to keep your records, simple spreadsheets or even paper based systems are sometimes all that is required.

We can keep your books in order.

  • Prepare your VAT returns (if youíre registered for VAT)

  • Prepare your year-end accounts and calculate how much tax and National Insurance you owe HMRC.
  • Give you advice on minimising business tax by making full and proper use of your allowable expenses.

  • Handling any enquiries with HMRC over your tax or VAT on your behalf.


Planning and managing growth

If your business grows quickly or unexpectedly we will advise you on how to manage the additional financial requirements so you have adequate stock and working capital to manage the increased demand. We may also advise you on when and how to outsource functions you previously managed internally such as payroll.

We can also advise you on how to assess the value when youíre buying or selling all or part of your business and on the most profitable and tax efficient way to undertake a merger with another business.


Undertake annual audits

If your annual turnover is more than £5.6m,you are required by law to have a formal audit of your company finances. If your turnover is significant but below this threshold you might like to ask us what audit or assurance services we provide, as it can be beneficial to have a formal independent review of your business. Our qualified and registered auditors can carry out audits for a company whose turnover is over the £5.6m threshold. Prices