Any function of a company's operations can be outsourced. Outsourcing office functions can benefit the company, but you need to determine which areas, could benefit from outsourcing.

Benefits of outsourcing

Those who outsource more than five activities experience many more of the associated benefits. For 83% of this group outsourcing has become an established way of working, in addition 85% say outsourcing enables them to concentrate on their core business. 78% believe it saves their company time and money. Over two thirds of businesses in this group believe their overall quality of service has improved by 71%.


Secretarial Outsourcing

If you are a small or one-person office, secretarial duties such as answering calls, scheduling, confirming appointments, customer care and making travel arrangements can be costly and time consuming. If you are a large organization and the cost of running the office is chipping away from the profits of your successful core business outsourcing your office functions are recommended.

Every type of business has unique functions, most of which can be outsourced. For example, we can do your Real Estate back office operations for your business. In addition to secretarial duties, we will perform preparation of listing presentations, Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) and listing packages, closing transaction management and Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Management, just to name a few.

Typing / Transcription Outsourcing

Clerical work that must be converted to written words in a specific format can be dictated and sent via e-mail or regular mail. Direct marketing which involves mail shots, invoices, order forms etc.

Accounting / Financial Outsourcing

Our accountants are ready to help you prepare financial statements, general billing functions, payroll processing, VAT return, Tax return, profit & loss statement, projected accounts, financial plans.

Human Resources Outsourcing

With all the paperwork and forms that it takes to hire and fire an employee, outsourcing this area could benefit a small company that has a low hire or turnover rate. In addition, the administration of employee benefits can be outsourced.

Customer Support Outsourcing

If your business manufactures or distributes a product that is technical in nature, customer support can become a major issue. Routine customer support calls can be answered by us to free up your employees to focus on pressing business issues.

Sales and Marketing Outsourcing

Unless you have a degree and training in marketing, this area is best left to the professionals. Advertising campaigns, telemarketing and public relation tasks are just a few of the services that can be outsourced.